42 - the answer to life, the universe, and everything...


Max money: 42 coins
Transaction confirmation method: PoS+PoW/Scrypt
Number of transaction/block confirmation: 7/42
Target spacing: 7 mins PoS, 21 mins PoW
Block reward: 0 PoS, 0 + tx fees PoW
Min/Max stake age: 42 hrs/unlimited
Transaction type: Public & Private
P2P Port: 4242 (port to open)


The List of Available Markets
Block Explorer: CryptoID, Prohashing
Mining: get reward or support the network
Wallet Generator: 42-address, Walletgenerator.net
Charts & Tools: –°oinmarketcap, Bit$creener, Bitinfocharts, alt19

42-coin is a cryptocurrency with completed emission, fair distribution (no ICO, premine or instamine) and both private and public transaction support. The maximum supply of 42 coins makes the remaining 41.99 extremely rare. The innovative deflationary model provides a constant rise in incentives both for miners and long term investors. 42-coin delivers a hybrid of Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake transaction confirmation methods and represents a new way of securing the network against 51% attacks.


Fair Distribution

42 has no premine or instamine and has never been sold via an ICO

Extremely Rare

All 42 coins are mined. Current block reward is zero


The first coin with real deflation working on protocol-level


42 development is transparent not only in code, but in all expenses

Safe Investment

New coins are not mined - no one exert constant pressure on the price

Highest Valued

42 will go into history as the cryptocurrency with the highest face value


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